We collaborate with France in terms of        investment and growth assistance for      startups.

Startups can pitch their innovative ideas and startups to France’s support services.

This country provides services such as        investment to startups all over the world,    including Iran.

Specifically, this country is interested in    supporting startups related to the Internet of Things, machine learning, and other          technology-based ideas. 


We help Startup founders grow their market to Austria by establishing a company in order to develop on the market innovative products, services, processing methods or technologies.

Austria offers a number of advantages to accepted applicants such as private and public investment opportunities, accommodation for the applicants and their family, and access to the EU market.



Throughout the past few years, Portugal has been widely welcoming with innovative ideas and startups.

This country is one of the best countries to operate in an experimental market. In order for your startup to raise funds and find customers in Portugal, we can help you take the first steps.


If you are interested in expanding your market to the world, contact us.

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